Programme management

Programme Director and Administrative Organisation

The director of the programme and the administrative organisation take care of the administration of the programme.

Administrative organisation: VTT
Programme Director: Dr. Jari Hämäläinen
Project Coordinator: MScTech. Vesa Suolanen

Steering Group

The steering group is responsible for the strategic alignments of the programme and makes decisions on changing these when necessary. The group supervises the planning of the programme and the quality of results, and makes formal decisions on the practical execution of the programme.

Chairperson of Steering Group: Marja-Leena Järvinen, STUK

Members of the steering group 2014

Reference Groups

The reference groups are responsible for the strategic planning of the national nuclear safety research programme in their respective fields, for evaluating project proposals and for indicating to the steering group any needs for changes during the programme. They take care of the scientific management and supervision of the research projects in their research areas, and act as steering groups for the projects in their areas.

The reference groups are:

1. Man, Organisation and Society
2. Automation and Control Room
3. Fuel Research and Reactor Analysis
4. Thermal Hydraulics
5. Severe Accidents
6. Structural Safety of Reactor Circuits
7. Construction Safety
8. Probabilistic Risk Analysis
9. Development of Research Infrastructure

Members of the reference groups 2014 (2.10.2014)

Ad Hoc Groups

Cross-disciplinary projects are appointed an ad hoc group chaired by a member of the reference group for the research area to which it was allocated. The ad hoc group may also be a team that focuses on communication between several projects and the reference group.

Project Managers

The project manager and the research organisation are responsible for executing their project according to the project plan and the financing budget, as well as possible decisions of the reference group.


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