SAFIR2014 Final seminar - 19.-20.3.2015, Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland

Seminar chairman: Jorma Aurela, MEE

Day 1: 19.3.2015

8:30-9:00  Registration 
9:00-9:40  Opening session: Herkko Plit (MEE), Petteri Tiippana (STUK), Jari Hämäläinen (SAFIR2014) 
Research areas “1 Man, Organisation and Society” and “2 Automation and Control Room” 
9:40-10:00  Managing safety culture throughout the lifecycle of nuclear plants (MANSCU), Pia Oedewald 
10:00-10:20  Signalled and silenced aspects of nuclear safety (SISIANS), Marja Ylönen 
10:20-10:45  Coffee break and poster session
Research areas 1 and 2 (cont.) 
10:45-11:05  Human-automation collaboration in incident and accident situations (HACAS), Marja Liinasuo 
11:05-11:25  Safety evaluation and reliability analysis of nuclear automation (SARANA), Jussi Lahtinen  
11:25-11:55  Discussion on research areas 1 and 2 - facilitated by Matti Vartiainen and Martti Välisuo 
Research areas “3 Fuel Research and Reactor Analysis” and “4 Thermal Hydraulics” 
11:55-12:15  Adjoint-based uncertainty analysis of lattice-physics calculations with CASMO-4 (CRISTAL), Maria Pusa 
12:15-12:35  Development of Finnish Monte Carlo reactor physics code (KÄÄRME), Jaakko Leppänen 
12:35-13:30  Lunch 
Research areas 3 and 4 (cont.) 
13:30-13:50  Extensive fuel modelling (PALAMA), Ville Tulkki 
13:50-14:10  Experimental studies on containment phenomena (EXCOP), Markku Puustinen 
14:10-14:30  CFD modeling of heat transfer, boiling and condensation (NUFOAM & NUMPOOL), Juho Peltola 
14:30-15:00  Coffee break and poster session
Research areas 3 and 4 (cont.) 
15:00-15:30  PWR PACTEL experiments (PAX), & Passive Containment Cooling System tests (PCCS), Vesa Riikonen & Juhani Vihavainen 
15:30-15:50  Uncertainty evaluation for best estimate analyses (UBEA), Joona Kurki 
15:50-16:20  Discussion on research areas 3 and 4 - facilitated by Antti Daavittila and Eero Virtanen 
16:20-16:30  Break  
16:30-17:15   Invited presentation A Strong and Viable Nuclear Safety Research Organization to Meet Current and Future Regulatory Challenges. Steven West, Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 
17:15-18:30  Feedback on expectations versus results of SAFIR2014 – Panel discussion 
17:15-17:30  STUK – Petteri Tiippana 
17:30-17:40  Fennovoima – Ilkka Männistö 
17:40-17:50  Fortum – Kristiina Söderholm 
17:50-18:00  TVO – Liisa Heikinheimo 
18:00-18:30  Discussion 
18:45-  Buffet dinner 

Day 2: 20.3.2015
8:30 Opening
Research areas: “5 Severe Accidents” and “8 Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)” 
8:30-8:50  Core debris coolability and environmental consequence analysis (COOLOCE-E), Mikko Ilvonen 
8:50-9:10  Thermal hydraulics of severe accidents (TERMOSAN), Tuomo Sevón 
9:10-9:30  Particle transport in a differentially heated cavity (TRAFI), Jarmo Kalilainen  
9:30-9:50  Extreme weather and nuclear power plants (EXWE), Kirsti Jylhä 
9:50-10:20  Coffee break and poster session
Research areas 5 and 8 (cont.)  
10:20-10:40  Risk assessment of large fire loads (LARGO), Anna Matala & Topi Sikanen 
10:40-11:10  Discussion on research areas 5 and 8 - facilitated by Tomi Routamo and Ilkka Niemelä 
Research areas: “6: Structural Safety of Reactor Circuits” and “7 Construction Safety” 
11:10-11:30   Low Temperature Crack Propagation (LTCP) susceptibility of nickel-based Alloy 182, 152, 82 and 52 weld metals in PWR primary water (ENVIS), Matias Ahonen 
11:30-11:50  Fatique affected by residual stresses, environment and thermal fluctuations (FRESH), Heikki Keinänen (presentation given by Juha Kuutti) 
11:50-12:10  Monitoring of the structural integrity of materials and components in reactor circuit (MAKOMON), Tarja Jäppinen 
12:10-13:10  Lunch 
Research areas 6 and 7 (cont.) 
13:10-13:30  RI-ISI analyses and inspection reliability of piping systems (RAIPSYS), Otso Cronvall
13:30-14:00   Impact 2014 (IMPACT2014) & Structural mechanics analyses of soft and hard impacts (SMASH), Kim Calonius 
14:00-14:30  Poster session and coffee break 
Research areas 6 and 7 (cont.) 
14:30-15:00  Discussion on research areas 6 and 7 - facilitated by Martti Vilpas and Pekka Välikangas 
Research area 9: Development of Research Infrastructure 
15:00-15:25  Enhancement of Lappeenranta instrumentation of nuclear safety experiments (ELAINE), Arto Ylönen 
15:25-15:50  Renewal of hot cell infrastructure (REHOT), Wade Karlsen 
15:50-16:30   Towards SAFIR2018 and Final discussion 
15:50-16:05   From SAFIR2014 to SAFIR2018 – what changes?, Marja-Leena Järvinen 
16:05-16:30  Final discussion 
16:30  Closing 


Research areas “1 Man, Organisation and Society” and “2 Automation and Control Room”
Sustainable and future oriented expertise (SAFEX2014), Eerikki Mäki  
Coverage and rationality of the software I&C safety assurance (CORSICA), Timo Varkoi  
Identification of fault situations propagating between different systems and disciplines (IFAPROBE), Nikolaos Papakonstantinou  
Safety requirements specification and management in nuclear power plants (SAREMAN), Teemu Tommila 
Research areas “3 Fuel Research and Reactor Analysis” and “4 Thermal Hydraulics” 
Three-dimensional reactor analyses (KOURA), Elina Syrjälahti 
Neutronics, nuclear fuel and burnup (NEPAL), Jarmo Ala-Heikkilä 
Radionuclides source term analysis (RASTA), Ville Tulkki 
Enhancement of safety evaluation tools (ESA), Ismo Karppinen 
Modelling of pressure transients in steam generators (SGEN), Timo Pättikangas 
Thermal hydraulics and fuel integrity in spent fuel dry cask interim storage facility (SPEFU), Risto Huhtanen 
Research areas: “5 Severe Accidents” and “8 Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)” 
Reactor vessel failures, vapour explosions and spent fuel pool accidents (VESPA), Anna Nieminen 
Chemistry of fission products (FISKES), Tommi Kekki 
PRA development and application (PRADA), Ilkka Karanta 
FinPSA knowledge transfer (FINPSA-TRANSFER), Teemu Mätäsniemi 
Research areas: “6: Structural Safety of Reactor Circuits” and “7 Construction Safety” 
Fracture assessment of reactor circuit (FAR), Juha Kuutti 
Water chemistry and plant operating reliability (WAPA), Timo Saario 
Heavy fouling and corrosion risks in the cooling water systems of NPPs and methods for their mitigation (RICO), Essi Velin 
Advanced surveillance technique and embrittlement modelling (SURVIVE), Petteri Lappalainen  
Seismic safety of nuclear power plants. Targets for research and education (SESA), Ludovic Fülöp 
Aging management of concrete structures in nuclear power plants (MANAGE), Miguel Ferreira  

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